Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation in Milwaukee

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

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Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment used to tighten and tone muscles, while simultaneously burning calories. 

How does it work?

EMS technology triggers supramaximal contractions in areas of the body that are highly targeted. This mimics the muscle contractions you would experience while doing sit-ups, crunches, or squats. With EMS technology, the focused muscle is activated every 3-5 seconds. That’s the equivalent of doing full sit-up, crunch or squat every 3-5 seconds, all while you relax as the machine does the work. There is no post-treatment muscle soreness that you would experience from exercising, as the treatment does not cause a build up of lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

Why get EMS treatment?

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation is for anyone looking to tighten a targeted muscle group and/or burn calories. This treatment is also ideal for treating incontinence, as the EMS technology will tighten and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation is primarily focused on treating muscles in the buttocks,  abdomen and pelvic floor. It works by toning, strengthening and firming the muscles in those targeted areas.